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The Dinosaur Coast

Tereñes Cliffs

To start this route we take the road leading up to Tereñes until we reach a height where this road makes a sudden turn to the left, at the crossroads. From the information panel at this point, we take a narrow slightly sloping road, and about 200 m further down we turn right onto a path leading to the cliff. The cliff is made up of Tereñes Formation strata which slope seawards.

Once on the cliff we begin to walk westward (on our left). Here we can see various dinosaur footprints, and also three trackways. Two of them belong to three-toed bipedal dinosaurs whereas the other, very spectacular, is attributed to a quadrupeds and consists of both manus and pes footprints.

In a small cove situated 90 m southwest of the Peñón del Forno lies a reddish sandstone block (Vega Formation) fallen to the bottom of the cliff. On its now vertical stratification plane we see some smaill three-toed footprints left by bipedal dinosaurs.

The total length of the walk along the base of the cliff is about 400 m. Apart from the footprints the cliff also contains striking examples of Jurassic desiccation cracks.









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