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The Dinosaur Coast

The Cliffs of Lluces

Along road N-632 and having reached Colunga, we take secondary road AS-257 leading to Llastres. Having passed this last locality and after travelling 1.5 km we reach Lluces, where there is a detour to the right along an asphalted road leading to the lighthouse of Llastres. Some 650 m before reaching this there is a diversion to the left that we follow until reaching the sign indicating the deposit. From here there is a small path leading to the foot of the cliff.

Near this point and slightly towards the east there is a loose sandstone block with two dinosaur footprint countermoulds, a theropod tridactyl print and another in the shape of a half-moon (a sauropod hand).

Walking now towards the west some 300 m we access several grey sandstone strata with a 24º inclination, on which we can find various tridactyl ichnites and a sauropod track, the latter pretty worn down by sea erosion.


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