Museo Jurásico Asturias

Group Visit

The Museum makes several visiting options available to organised groups, a previous reservation being necessary in any case (information and reservation tel. no. 902 306 600).

On your own, with the aid of a hand guide that will be provided when purchasing the entry ticket.

With an audioguide, available in Spanish, English, French and German. Check prices.

With a free guided visit, lasting for one hour (the guided visit does not imply any additional cost on the entry ticket, except on Wednesdays when € 1.76 will be charged just for the guided visit as the entry is free).

Ten minute presentation in the first hall of the museum, on its general contents and free visit. This does not involve any additional cost on top of the entry fee.

Guided visit + didactic workshop, trip throughout the Museum and didactic workshop. Check on the different workshops offered according to the ages of the group members.

Accessible visits, tailored to people with a physical, sensory or mental disability. More information.

Visits in foreign languages, tours in English, level B1. This service is offered in two formats:

  • For foreign visitors who wish to enjoy the visit in this language.
  • For schools (English language department), Official Language School, language academies, etc. who wish to offer an activity which is complementary to the teaching received at the centres. In this case, this is tailored to the group and prepared in collaboration with the group leader.

Price: reduced rate applicable. No additional costs on top of admission fee.

Visits to laboratories and rock and mineral collections, this service is offered on specific dates due to special activities. More information.

Visits with an educational experience, includes a visit to the museum and an activity/demonstration to look in more depth at some of the most interesting aspects of dinosaurs. More information.

Full-day visits, different options for associations.

Prices per person:During the week: 15 euros (Wednesday, when Museum access is free, 12 euros).Supplementary price if you wish to visit the Tito Bustillo Rock Art Centre: 3.29 euros, except on Wednesdays when visiting the Centre is free. Discount if you do not require lunch: -10 euros. There is a recreation area nearby.Weekends: 18 euros. Consult the supplementary price for bank holidays, Holy Week, July and August.

The price includes: the activities indicated in each section and lunch.

It does not include: transport. If requested by the association, a quote can be provided for travel.

Dates and reservations: 902 306 600/ 985 185 860.

More information regarding full-day options.


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