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Garden and Play Area

Boasting an area of more than 7,000 square meters, MUJA′s Gardens offer visitors a tour of the Mesozoic or Dinosaur Age, where they can discover replicas of, as well as detailed information on, the world′s best-known dinosaurs, along with various original items from Asturias′ Jurassic period. Funding for the first stage of the Jurassic Museum of Asturias′ external restructuring project has come from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology - Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.

In the Garden, visitors can see reproductions of Triassic dinosaurs, with a Liliensternus and a scene depicting an Eoraptor and a Buriolestes competing for a small lizard. 

Outside, the public can also see some of the most representative Jurassic species (Diplodocus, Allosaurus, Dacentrurus and Camptosaurus) with replicas of four dinosaurs made especially for the MUJA by Adolfo Cuétara. These are joined by a Stegosaurus and a Brachiosaurus, with two baby dinosaurs from Jurassic species.

Another 15 replicas of great Cretaceous reptiles accompany visitors along their journey through the Dinosaur Age in this outdoor museum area. Two stunning Tyrannosauruses, a Euoplocephalus and a scene featuring a Triceratops with her baby and a nest of unhatched eggs and babies that have already hatched from their shells, are rounded off with a scene focusing on carnivorous Cretaceous dinosaurs, a pair of Deinonychus and a Carnotaurus, and another scene featuring vegetarian dinosaurs from this period, with a Pachycephalosaurus and a couple of Parasaurolophuses.

Reproductions of a Triceratops skull, a Pterosaurus, the leg of a Tyrannosaurus and several dinosaur eggs which let you take fun photos are just a few of the Garden′s new attractions.

The outdoor area also displays original material from the Asturias′ Jurassic period, such as a footprint of theropod dinosaur, the fossilized trunk of a conifer and the track made up of two consecutive prints of a theropod, presenting itself as an essential complement to the tour of the Museum′s permanent exhibition.


Replicas of deposits and playgrounds for children

The Garden also has partial replicas of the ichnite sits along Tereñes cliffs, in Ribadesella/Ribeseya, and the La Griega beach, in Colunga. These reproductions show visitors the footprints made by four Jurassic dinosaurs whose replicas can be seen outside the Museum (thyreophora, sauropods, theropods and ornithopods). Several information boards, in Spanish and Braille, round off our knowledge of these sites, which can be easily accessed from a wooden walkway.

The MUJA, what is more, has an excavated caisson, located next to the sites with footprints, which contains several replicas of dinosaur fossils (teeth, claws, bones and so on) enabling children to learn a little about palaeontological work.

Young children have another attraction in MUJA’s environment: a children′s playground with swings, slides and personalised games, starring dinosaurs. 

The outside areas are joined by a concreted path allowing access for wheelchair users and baby buggies.

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